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file icon The Social Role of Professional Networking hot!
Date added : Aug 23, 2008
Socializing online is no longer just for the college going generation. Professionals are discovering that it’s possible to interact with other people whom they may one day do business with, and yet do it in a more informal manner. That is where professional networking sites are edging in, offering a more secure atmosphere to network in, with less risk of spam and unwanted conversation.
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file icon Steps To Boost Your Career Using Fashion Networkshot!
Date added : Aug 23, 2008
This book is a handy resource on how you can use Fashion Networks (, the premier networking platform for the fashion industry to boost your career.
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file icon Online Job Searchhot!
Date added : Aug 23, 2008
Online job search websites have completely changed the way applicants identify and apply to jobs. As websites get better and better, with networking features added in, it is important for managers at all levels to familiarize themselves with how these work.
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file icon Flattening the Fashion Worldhot!
Date added : Aug 23, 2008
The distinction between consumers and producers is growing smaller. Marketers have always looked at street wear as a source of inspiration for new trends. Consumer input into design was therefore always present, though such conversations were not always immediately available to the marketer. Now consumers are creating their own designs as well as conversations.
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file icon E-Marketplaces - How to get the best out of themhot!
Date added : Aug 23, 2008
Online buying and selling is growing into a significant activity for many businesses. For those who have always had the ability to supply on a global scale, the web has only made things faster and smoother. For others who have never ventured outside domestic markets before, e-marketplaces seem to offer an easy way to expand. While the web offers connectivity on a scale never seen before, businesses need to look at quite ways of exploiting its unique features rather than simply replicating offline activities online.
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