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  FAQ Home - About Fashion Networks

How is Fashion Networks unique?
How can Fashion Networks help me?
How much does a Fashion Networks account cost?


I am not from the Fashion Value Chain. Can I join?
I accidentally created two accounts. Can I merge them?
How can I close my account?
How do you plan to prevent fake postings in Fashion Networks?

  My Profile

What does profile in Fashion Networks constitute?
What are the benefits of an updated and completed profile?
How can I keep people notified of changes in my profile?
What is the picture size for profile photo that is permissible for uploading?
How can I make my profile most effective?
What information from my profile and private information is disclosed to network members?
Can I prevent people in my network from seeing my profile?
How can I change the primary e-mail address of my account?
What is ‘Looking for Business Opportunities from’ in my Profile?

  Privacy & Security

How do I respond if I get an invitation that I do not want?
How can my queries regarding security & privacy be answered?


How can I search & apply for jobs?
Can I upload my resume for recruiters to see?
How can I promote my profile to recruiters?
How can I be ensured that the posted job is not a fake?
How is ‘Jobs’ relevant to a recruiter?
How can I begin posting a job in Fashion Networks?
Is all the information posted in ‘Post a job’ mandatory?
Do I have to pay for posting a job?
Where can I get the response from an applicant for a job that I have posted?
How long will my job remain in the listing?
Can I place my company banner on FN Recruitment page?


What services does Marketplace offer?
How is Marketplace relevant?
Is there any limit on the number of Ads that I can post?
What if I have a product which does not fall into any of the existing categories?
Can I place my company banner on Fashion Networks Marketplace page?


What are the best ways in which I can benefit from my network list?
Can I remove a person from my Contact list?
When I search for users in Fashion Networks, what all information can I see?
How can I categorize my Network Contacts?
Can I limit my search to people in a particular country?
Whose profile can I view on Fashion Networks?


What kind of events can I organize and participate in Fashion Networks?
What is unique about events in Fashion Networks?
For how long will my event be maintained in the calendar?


How can I create a group?
How are groups administered?
Can I delete my group?
How do I find groups and messages that are of interest to me?
Can I upload a file in the Group’s Forum Postings?

  Discussion Forum

What is the relevance of ‘Let’s Discuss’?
Can I get e-mail updates on responses to the topics started by me?
Is there a board in Fashion Networks which would provide me expert advice?